Open That Coca-Cola

In 2021, Coca-Cola launched the ‘Open That Coca-Cola’

campaign across Europe.


The campaign aimed to describe the ‘indescribable' taste of

Coca-Cola, going beyond words to convey the unique feeling.

For the launch spot, we enter a world where all who take a sip

of cold, refreshing Coca-Cola are instantly overcome with an

irresistibly positive feeling.

Starting with an explosive Oooh! Ahhh! Yeeah! ,

the feeling spreads through your whole body until you break

into an uncontrollable dance routine (the Coca-Cola 'Kick

Shuffle’) and lasts as long as you ‘Open that Coca-Cola’.


We worked with amazing directors, ‘Los Perez’, to bring this

vibrant world to life visually, and the soundtrack for the whole

campaign was created by artist, musician and Grammy award

winner, ‘Tyler, The Creator’.

Creative - Jay Daniells + Will Lancaster + Abbey Monteiro
Creative Directors - Juan Sevilla + Joe De Souza
Directors - Los Perez

Music - Tyler, The Creator

Sound - Sam Ashwell at 750mph
Editor - Sam Bould at Final Cut

Vfx - Supervised by Mike Chapman at The Mill

Choreography - Zoyi Lindiwe Muendane

Production - Tom Dean + Ellie Goodwin + Nick Goldsmith

Planning - Huw Devine + Rory Foster

Creative Support - Katia Schutz + Stefan Foster
Design Director - Ryan Teixeira

Lead Designer - Justin Hallstrom
Executive Creative Directors - Tony Davidson + Iain Tait





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