Yung Munch


Like every dumb idea that goes too far, A Brilliant Meal, started life as a drunken night at a mates house; “How funny would it be to do a rap about how lit and shit all the takeaways are in Kingston” [or words to that effect]. So after a week of writing, a week of planning, a week of filming and finally a week of editing, we created the alter ego of myself: Yung Munch. Balancing a design degree and a rap ‘career’ (Can you really call it that?) Is actually not too bad when you can use making stupid songs about kebabs as a reason for being late to a crit for work that’s much more inferior (in terms of fun anyway). A Brilliant Meal wont be that last you will see of our tasty side project, we have already started writing our next viral hit. You never know, in the next few months we will have a whole albums worth of kebab shop, musical goodness! - Yung Munch